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~+~The Wold Is Dead To Me~+~

22 June
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afi, agrivating my buisness teacher, alcohol, ally's poetry, althea!, ashley, ashlie, beer, being alone, belly button rings, big comfy pillows, black eyeliner, black nailpolish, blood, bondage, bondage jewelry, bondage pants, bork! bork! bork!, boys in girl's clothes, cady, candles, casey, celie, chokers, ciggarttes, cky, color black, courtney love, cradle of filth, dark eyes, darkness, dave navarro, ddr with emily, dyed hair, emily the strange, eric, evanescence, eyeliner, falling on my ass, fire, fishnet, goth boys, gothic girls, hair dye, him, hoodies, hot topic, hubb, hugs, icp, invader zim, jason, jenn, jessie, johnny depp, julie c., julie m., justine, kandie kid, kendra, kimmi, kissing, kittie, knee high socks, krissy, kurt cobain, lissie, local bands, makeup, makin fun of preps, marilyn manson, meeting people online, melissa, michelle s, mohawks when they're down, mosh pits, murderdolls, my friends, nail polish, new wave, night, nine inch nails, nirvana, online quizzes, orgy, pallor, piercings, pillows, pink floyd, pins, pizza, platform shoes, poetry, punk, punk shows, punkrock, queen of the damned, rain, rainbows, ramen, ramen noodles, raving with kandie kid, razorblades, rob zombie, safety pins, sara, sara r, sarcasm, satin sheets, scars, schtuff, sex pistols, sexy guitar solos, shai, shanna, shoelaces, silverchair, slave labor comics, sleeping, slipknot, slippers, snakes, socks, sparkles, spongebob, stars, static x, steph, striped knee socks, stuffed animals, sublime, surfing the web, talena atfield, talkin on the fone, techno, techno music, the color red, the cookie monster, the crow, the moon, the smokers, tongue rings, tripp, twiztid, vampires, videocameras, watching people get hurt, weirdness, wristbands